Vinirs are ceramic plates on a tooth which are often used in aesthetic dental prosthetics and are to eliminate the following teeth defects:Виниры

  • Split and enamel cracks 
  • Dental fluorosis
  • The gaps between the teeth
  • The colour of the teeth (make teeth lighter)
  • Elimination of complex cavity
  • Elimination of sphenoid defects 
  • Change of an abnormal placement and form of a tooth


Ceramic vinirs unlike filling don’t break, don’t change colour, don’t change form, are aesthetically superior – as they are made in dental laboratories and work longer than a composite (light) filling.


 Оксид цирконияZirconium oxide – is the most modern and useful material in aesthetic stomatology! It helps to achieve natural beauty after dental prosthetics, is not toxic, gets close to the tooth tissues, doesn’t refract the sunlight, doesn’t make a circuit of bluish gum. It is a very strong material which is more strong and aesthetic than ceramic-metal crowns. Milling frame is made by a CAD/CAM machine. It is successfully used in making separate crowns and dental bridges.

Безметалловая керамика или коронки EmpressNon-metal ceramics or crowns Empress – the name of the method itself says that metal is not used in work, which makes the crown light and aesthetic. With such crowns it is easy to get a good result of dental prosthetics in the in the front part of the low and up jaws. Empress crowns are made on one tooth and on dental bridges with a short length (1-2 teeth). They are not inferior to metal ceramics in strength. металлокерамике .

Керамические вкладкиCeramic tabs are used in significant breaking of chewing surfaces of the teeth. They allow to save the tooth alive (not to depulpate), renew the form of the tooth perfectly, contact, the color of the tooth. Unlike filling material they don’t break, don’t change color, don’t change form. They are superior to filling material in strength. Such restoration stays safe longer than composite fillings. They are also made in dental laboratories, which guarantees high quality of work.

Method of classic implantation

Classic implantation of teeth is widely used in stomatological practice. But it should be noted that such a method takes a lot of time, as reference to the text + photo of classic implantation!

Method of one-phase implantation

One-phase implantation implies the installation by implantatransgigival method (without cutting gum)
with the installation of crowns during 1 week. This method has been used in the world already 20 years. (then) reference to the text + thematic photo attached

Method of one-moment implantation

It is a unique method allowing the doctor to install the implant in the hole just after the extraction of the tooth and to get ready to making a crown on the implant. (then) reference to the text + thematic photo to the unit.