Patron saint of dentists

The day of the Russian dentist the 24th of April.

The day of the Russian dentist the 24th of April.


From ancient time while suffering from tooth ache prople sought help from the saint martyr Antip. Antip’s prelate was the of the saint apostle Ioann Bogoslov, after that he became a bishop in the city of Pergam during during the reign of emperor Neron.

The emperor was a pagan and fought against the orthodox church. Those who didn’t sacrifice for idols were put to death. During that time on the island Pathmos in the Aegean Sea was imprisoned the saint apostle Ioann Bogoslov, to whom the God opened the future fates of the church and the world. “And write to the angel of the Pergam church: so say the man having a sharp on the both sides sword: know your dids, and that you live where the Satan’s throne is, and that you contain my name and haven’t abjured My religion even in those days, when was killed my true eyewitness Antip.”

The saint martyr Antip by his life, sermon, faith achieved the result that all people of Pergam started to escape sacrificing. Pagan prists insisted on stopping the sermon about the Christ and sacrificing to the idols. The saint replied calmly that he wouldn’t worship the gods-devils, that run from him, but had worship and would worship the Almighty God – Jesus Christ. The priest objected that their gods had existed long ago, but Jesus Christ was crucified by Pilat and his robbers. The saint replied that pagan gods are made with people’s hands and all stories about them are full of vices. But he the God’s son - Jesus Christ, that appeared from the Holy Spirit 
and Blessed Virgin. 

The furious priests took the saint to the church of Arthemid and to the burning copper bull. The saint in the burning vat was praying to the God loudly, asking to take his soul and strengthen the faith of Christians. He died peacefully as though sleeping. At night the Christians took his body not suffered from the flame and commited it to earth. The place of the repose of Antip’s soul has become the honour place for curing the souls and bodies of the people coming there.

People in Russia love the saint martyr Antip, devote him churches, write icons, seek help particularly in case of tooth ache. 
The day of the Russian dentist is celebrated on his Memorial Day.