Appeal to entrepreneurs of the director of the clinic Nikadent

Лопатин Евгений БорисовичToday a lot is said about missionary work and priesthood. Courses are opened and are even a special department was created in Patriarchate.
I want to tell you my story. May be it will inspire somebody. My name is Lopatin Evgeniy Borisovich, I have two stomotological clinics in Mytischi in the Moscow region. 
After my coming to God under the guidance of archpries Vasiliy Ermakov from Saint Petersburg I understood that information about the presence of God and life according to his commandments is helpful for people and should be shared with other people.
As people surrounding me are my patients I began to print some prayings, posters, buy brochures for the beginners and give it to people. 
This permanent process has lasted for 11 years already. New schools, churches, orthodox cinema-forums were added to it.
It is very pleasant that during this time there was no case of negative estimation of my work.
At first I am an entrepreneur but Iam not an indifferent Orthodox Christian. 
I am glad that both of my works are necessary for my nation, for my country. My business is not large, not much money is spent on replication of printed matter, but it must be in sight and of good quality.
You must not be afraid of living on your ground with your Orthodox faith. 
With respect to multimillion representatives of businessmen, entrepreneurs, merchants.
Lopatin Evgeniy.