Our spiritual father - archpriest Vasiliy Ermakov

"Pray, believe, the God will save us and our saint Mother – Russia. Only don’t lose courage and never drive God out of your heart. You should know that when you are ina difficult situation – you can always find an example in the life surrounding you and you will find support of your close people. My Russian people, children of the XXI century, of the after war period – keep your orthodox faith, and God will never leave you in all our life."
archpriest Vasiliy Ermakov
Archpriest Vasiliy Ermakov
Photo © Аlexander Setrakov. Saint Petersburg.
This page is devoted to the memory of our spiritual father - father superior of Serafim Sarovskiy the Miracle-Worker’s church at the Serafim cemetery in Saint Petersburg - Archpries Vasiliy Ermakov, who joined the majority at night from the 2nd to the 3d of February 2007. Father Vasiliy in 2003 approved the idea of creating the site about Russian spiritual and cultural and created its name - «Russia in colours». With his blessing not only the site with such a name, but Orthodox Scientific- Enlightenig Society was founded on the Blessed Ground in Jerusalem, that realized this internet-project.

Moreover in internet there is the site of Archpries Vasiliy Ermakov, devote to the father Vasiliy Ermakov. There is also a site named Serafim Garden, where there are a lot of materials about the father, rare photos with spiritual offsprings from Saint Petersburg, made with the father’s blessing.
We have a request to all the respectable guests of the site – send on our e-mail any materials, connected with the memory of the father Vasiliy. We shall be glad to place them on our memory page.

Iimmortal memory to our dear father
On our site was opened the memory page of archpries Vasiliy Ermakov 
At night from the 2nd to the 3d of February 2007 father superior of Serafim Sarovskiy the Miracle-Worker’s church at the Serafim cemetery in Saint Petersburg - Archpries Vasiliy Ermakov, joined the majority
Archpriest Vasily Yermakov Introduced himself to the Lord
His Holiness Patriarch Alexy expressed his condolences in connection with the death of archpriest Vasily Yermakov
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People are waiting for a bright sermon
The word of archpriest Georgy Mitrofanov about the way of life of archpriest Vasily Yermakov
I won't forget his face... In Orel was opened the exhibition, dedicated to the memory of father Vasily Ermakov...
On March 14, 2007 in the Holy Land was celebrated the requiem memory of archpriest Vasily Yermakov on the 40th day of his death. 
Photo albums dedicated to the father
Work of the photographer Alexander Setrakov with a photo exhibition of memory of archpriest Vasily Yermakov. Spring-summer 2007.
The father in the Holy Land. November 2005.
Memories of protopriest Vasily Yermakov
Our archpriest Vasily Yermakov
Memories of protopriest Vasily Yermakov
Our archpriest Vasily Yermakov
The church in the name of the monk Seraphim of Sarov at Serafimovskoye cemetery of Saint-Petersburg
Memories of archpriest Georgy Mitrofanov of the father Vasily
Memories of archpriest Alexander Kuznetsov about the father Vasily Yermakov
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Recollections of Vyacheslav Vorobyov of the father Vasily Yermakov
There are prophets in Russia. The Writer Boris Gusev. Saint-Petersburg-Moscow
Memories of a spiritual father. From the book P.Platonov "the Children of Israel in the Holy Land". Jerusalem
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Archpriest Vasily Yermakov. Memories of the occupation. From the book "With God in the occupation"
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Interview with archpriest Vasily Yermakov. The post-war years
Father Vasily Yermakov: "A man needs a religion. "Zoe Bobkova
"Always look forward to the most Holy tea". Archpriest Vasily Yermakov remembers the friendship with the patriarch, which began in the years of the Great Patriotic war. Andrey Polynskiy
What hurts the soul. Father Vasily Ermakov answers questions
Thorny path to God. Selected chapters of the book, dedicated to the father Vasily
Interviews and articles
Archpriest Vasily Yermakov. About the fate of Orthodoxy in Russia and Serbia
Be an example of faith and prayer
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The field of battle - the hearts of the people
With Mother - Church
In the name of salvation of Russia
House of The Virgin Mary
I am spiritual joy for 60 years. One of the last interview with archpriest Vasily Yermakov, rector of the church of Seraphim of Sarov at Serafimovskoye cemetery in st. Petersburg. Sergey Kanev
Our duty is to protect the mother-Russia. Archpriest Vasily Yermakov
Verses, dedicated to the father
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The Light Of The Victory. А.Gurova
The Day of Victory with father Vasily Yermakov on May 9, 2006. Pyotr Kuznetsov
Pilgrimage sonnet to the city Bolhov (small Homeland of father Vasily Ermakov). Pyotr Kuznetsov
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The Triumph Of Orthodoxy
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The Russian people
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The church's calling
Sadness and glory of Russia
The preaching of 2003-2004
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The Great Thursday
On the commemoration of the dead
The word on the day of memory of the Victory of the fascist invaders on may 9
Sermon given by archpriest Vasily Yermakov, May 9, 2003 from the rostrum on the walk of Fame at Serafimovskoye cemetery
The word on the day of the memory of the holy myrrh-bearers
Prayer for the dead relatives and friends
The temple is the House of God. The church is the school of piety
Holy Russia - keep the Orthodox Faith!
The Russian people and Mother-Russia
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, the righteousness of God, not human
Give us strength, give us courage, give us patience, give us the strength to bear the light.
There is a time to reflect and learn from the faith
"Just speak the word and healed my servant! 
The word of the vigil for the feast of the appearance of the icon of Kazan Mother of God in the city of Kazan in 1579
Never throw God in temporary hardships of life - God is always with us!
The sermon on the gospel reading of the parable of the sower
Go hard road of faith!
According to your faith will be you!
The instruction of parents how to raise children
The day of memory of the Exaltation of Honest life-Giving Cross of the Lord
The word on the Dmitrievskaya Saturday
"Fear not, from henceforth thou shalt catch men"!
The sacrament of holy communion
Closer to God, closer to the temple of God!
"Whence comes evil?
The most Holy Theotokos, Save us! 
Do not weep! God is always with you!
A lesson before confession
Here's how to go to God!
Our task is to pray to God, believe in God and work for the glory of Russia!
The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Pastoral service of Archpriest Vasily Yermakov
Faith in God
About the healing of the gerasene demoniac
The Sunday gospel reading about the healing of Jairus'daughter
The new year message of archpriest Vasily Yermakov to his congregation December 31, 2003
Open letter by archpriest Vasily Yermakov the chairman of the KPRF central committee G.A. Zyuganov
An open letter to the delegates of the IV all-diaspora Council
National achievements of the state and protection of the orthodoxy of the Russian clergy in the era of the Polish-Swedish intervention
Memories of the bitter pages