Depothresis of copper hydroxide-calcium

It is a common knowledge that a big problem in curing tooth’s canals is impossibility to instrumentally the whole length and then to fill them with good quality. In most cases it happens in recuring of theeth:

- already filled with pastes and cements unable to unfilling with inflammatory processes at the roots;
- with broken instruments in the medium or upper parts of the canal making it impossible to go through the cannal to the upper part;

Such teeth may not disturb a patient for a long time. Such problems are detected during X-ray inspection when sharp pains appear, at the consultation of orthopaedist choosing variants of 
dental prosthetics. Then appears the necessity of retreating, because often the attempt to save the problematic tooth means the last possibility of making a permanent orthopaedical construction.

In such cases Dipothresis metod is used. It was created by the German professor A. Knappvost. 
It is a physioprocedure being held at the reception of dentist-therapeutist.

It consists in putting water suspension of hydroxide copper-calcium in the part of the canal, making its shed, and under the influence of the electric field the components of this medicine obtaining strong bactericidal properties are driven to all branches of the root canal. Moreover here takes place disinfection of the impassable canal part and stimulation of renewal of bone stock with inflammatory processes at the top of the root mechanically reaching of which is impossible because of the “standing in the way” broken instrument or paste possessing resistance to unfilling.

After this procedure hydroxide of copper-calcium stretches the walls of these canals? Being the shed of the bactericidal substance for all the time of the existence of the root. That is why the method was called Dipothresis.

For the qualified procedure only the machines of the German firm «HUMANCHEMIE» - “Original P” OR “Comfort” are used. In our clinic this machine is “Original P”.

Of course, this method is not a panacea. Its usage may also lead to failures, and orthopaedist can not agree to make denture of the teeth, offering extraction or implanting. Moreover, after this method it’s necessary to wait at least 5-6 months (in case of an inflammatory processe at the top of the root) for roentgen logic statement of positive dynamics.

But according to many years of medical experience it’s worth saying that clinical situations are different and there are few patients that don’t wish, at least don’t make a try, to save such teeth.

In such cases Dipothresis is the only solution, because today there is no alternative way of disinfection of impassability as a result of endodontic treatment of the part of the canal.