Implantology in Mytishchi. Dental implants. Implantation in Mytishchi

In our time the practical dentistry offers patients a variety of methods of prosthetics of teeth, the most promising of which is implantation. This method enables you to restore the tooth row with the help of using an implant - special rod, installed in the firm maxillary tissue.

Implantation in the clinic "Nikadent".

Dental care is developing very quickly, dynamically - offering all the new methods in the treatment, prosthetics, implantation. Implantation has securely fixed in the daily practice of dentists and in the minds of men. Patients are offered new, different methods of solving their problems and this greatly improves their life. In our clinics are successfully used all possible types of dental implantation:

  • 1.Classic (traditional) implantation of teeth.
  • 2.Operation-free one-phase implantation of teeth.
  • 3.One-moment implantation (immediately after tooth removal).

These are the advantages of dental implantation of teeth over the traditional methods of prosthetics:

  • 1. There is no need to depulpate and grind the adjacent teeth.
  • 2. The implant can be installed instead of the extracted teeth in one day.
  • 3. Implants are made of ecologically clean , bioinert materials.
  • 4. Implants do not distort the taste of food.
  • 5. Improved hygiene - food does not get stuck under dentures and crowns.
  • 6. Implants have no restrictions in durability.
 Classic (traditional) implantation of teeth. 

Classical implantation of teeth is widely used in dental practice, but it should be noted that this method of the implant requires a lot of time, because:
after the removal of (loss) of the tooth should pass from 1.5 to 3 months,
it is necessary to hold a mandatory expansion of bone tissue in the cases, when it is insufficient for the installation of implants,
installation of the implant is conducted after at least 5 months after the expansion of bones,
installing crown on the implant is possible after a minimum of 4 months on the lower jaw and 6 months on the top, after the installation of the implant. 

Classical implantation of the teeth in the centers Nikadent is carried out with application of modern systems of implantation of the leading world manufacturers -Switzerland, Germany, USA, and Israel. 

Despite the continued treatment, the classical implantology has its indisputable advantages in comparison with other methods:
this is the most proven method in dental implantology at the present day,
when tooth prosthetics is on implants, installed by the classical protocol, there is a very large selection of orthopedic solutions (can be installed on implants single crowns, and bridges prostheses through a wide range of adapters).

Operation-free one-phase implantation of the teeth

The one-phase implantation of the teeth implies the installation of the implant by a transgingival method (without cutting gums) with the installation of crowns within 1 week. In the world this method has been widely used for over 20 years and it can be found under the following names:
one-phase operation-free implantation of teeth,
implantation of teeth,
implantation with immediate activity,
express-implantation of teeth,
transgingival implantation of teeth. 

In contrast to the classical implantation - the number of incisions and sutures is much smaller and the process of prosthetics lasts 5-7 days.

The one-phase implantation of the teeth in the centers Nikadent is carried out with the use of unique systems of ARRP Israel company Alpha-Bio Tec. The size of the implants and the system is chosen individually and according to medical indications. Note that for the installation of the implant the level of bone tissue should be sufficient. 

The advantages of the method one-phase implantation:
the ability to restore the lost tooth after 2-4 visit to the dentist,
it does not cause discomfort after implantation,
a wide selection of orthopedic solutions, which in strictly individual cases make implants of single teeth in the shortest possible time.

A one-moment implantation- implantation immediately after tooth removal.

This is a unique method that allows the doctor to install an implant in the hole immediately after tooth removal and immediately proceed to the construction of a temporary crown on the implant. With one-stage implantation in the centers of " Nikadent " are used implants systems - Bio Gorizont (USA), Astra Tech ( Sweden ) , Xive (Germany), Alpha-Bio Tec (Israel).

As a rule, the installation of an implant is made in 3-4 months after the removal of teeth, and with this method of implantation appear obvious advantages:

-the patient for one visit (removed a tooth+ found implant + received a temporary crown, selected by color and shape).

- there is reduction of terms from the moment of removal of tooth before the full end of prosthetics.

- installation of implants exactly on the axis of the tooth that creates an optimized distribution of load on the implant.

- achieved good aesthetic result, remains papillary - gingival contour, as well as interalveolar height remains.

- a significant reduction in injuries.

In 3-6 months (during this time the implant is growing together with the bone of the jaw) a temporary crown is changed by a constant.

But it is important to note that there are contraindications to the one-phase implantation. It is the existence of an acute or chronic inflammation or tumor in the operating area. Schematically the implant looks so.

импланты мытищи

For the successful implantation the following conditions should be observed:

  • Exact diagnostics and implant planning with the help of computer tomography - to obtain accurate information about the height, thickness and density of bone tissue.
  • Modern equipment for conducting a successful operation.
  • High qualification of the doctors implantologist and orthopaedist.
  • The availability of first-class dental laboratory in the clinic.


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