Apparatus "VECTOR".

Treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases in clinics " Nikadent ".

Сидорова Наталья АнатольевнаToday it's sort of a miracle of new, modern technologies in dentistry. The average degree of parodontal disease in the majority of cases is not perceived by patients as a dangerous state of tooth-jaw system. Basically, they suffer from such problems as inflammation, bleeding, especially gum recession, which leads to a lengthening of the necks of the teeth and aesthetic violations.

The System "Vector" allows to carry out all the primary intervention in one visit. This method is more comfortable for patients, since it is less painful, unlike the traditional methods of the treatment of periodontal diseases. The whole procedure takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the state of the disease and the number of teeth.


Principles of work of system "Vector".

The System "Vector" transfers the energy of ultrasound so that the dentist can work, controlling his actions. Before using this method there was a danger that uncontrolled and vibrating tools would be not good, but harmful to periodontal pockets. 

Slight linear efforts are used when working with the machine, parallel to the surface of the tooth. Distinctive feature of the system "Vector" is a gentle removal of bacterial biolayer and dental deposits using the indirect binding of ultrasonic energy. It does not damage the hard and soft tissues are not injured. And thanks to the suspension, containing microparticles, the effectiveness significantly increases. Periodontal pockets are intensively treated and washed without touching the root. 

The energy of the tool is gently put in periodontal pockets through the hydromembrane, formed by the spray. During this process, the particles of suspension applied work as toothpaste, removing the soft and hard dental deposits of even the most complex parts. The result of this are smooth, clean surface of roots and a significant reduction in the number of bacteria, which leads to a rapid and successful recovery.

The field of application of system "Vector".

Professional hygiene.

Tool "Vector-Scaler" corresponds to the highest standards of professional teeth cleaning. As ultrasonic "motor" he has six piezoceramic disks. Due to this energy of ultrasound is enough to remove even the most persistent dental deposits. At the same time using polishing suspension allows to save and polish sensitive surfaces of the teeth.

Parodontological treatment.

Tartar, biofilm and bacteria are removed by the tools from the roots to the very bottom of parodontal pocket even in an anatomically difficult areas, such as bifurcation, without causing damage to the soft tissues. The surface of roots are cleared (not выскабливаются) and polished with the help of the polishing slurry containing particles of hydrooxilappatit.

Treatment of reimplantite.

Inflammation of the tissue around the implant is one of the most important problems of implantology. The System "Vector" is best suited to remove plaque, bacteria and biolayer from the surfaces of the implants, without damaging in the process sensitive materials and supraconstructions. Tools made of carbon fibers in combination with suspension of perfectly suited for the treatment of reimplantite.

Supporting therapy.

Support procedures are a part of parodontological treatment. A regular check of parodontal pockets on the subject of re-infection, as well as preventive measures, repeated at certain intervals of time, are an important part of supporting therapy. Thanks to this, the repeated procedures are absolutely simple and sparing.

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