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Stomatological clinic "Nikadent" was founded on the 8th of December 2003 and is the sixth clinic founded by our director. Everything began in 1996 when a young graduating student of Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M. Sechenov after several years of work in Moscow outpatients' clinics №75 and №218 decide to found his clinic, which was aimed to help population.

During this years tigeter with a crew of like-minded people a huge experience of medical, financial, household, personnel, advertising work was received. Using the experienced stored for 14 years we have successfully overcome all reefs and shoals of entrepreneurial activity.

Today it is important not only to open the clinic, employ staff, give advertisements, but have a conception, a fundament. This fundament has existed for more than 1000 years – it is Orthodox Faith. It is easier for a man to achieve success with faith. We don’t use anything new, it existed before us. The difference between us and other enterprices is that we are not afraid to tell about it. In ancient Russia there always were orthodox merchants, entrepreneurs, the saying “I give my word”, as well as such concepts as sponsorship and generosity to a neighbour originated from them. Earning money for the sake of money – is a dead end. A high level of dictates its laws, a lot of clinics in Moscow close (nearly 5-10 per month). Only those who can keep his business in order stay. For this purpose a crew and a generous idea are required. Only in this case this work will be useful both for workers and for those, for whom the work is done.


Highly-qualified dentists: therapeutists, orthopaedists, orthodontists and surgeon-implantologists work in our clinics. All these specialists regularly take extension courses, stomatological courses and seminars, participate in scientific symposiums and congresses.

Celestial bodies representing stomatological science visit clinics "Nikadent" in Mytischi. We were the first to use unmetallic ceramics, it helps to imitate the natural colour of teeth thanks to it translucency. We apply the technique of hot vertical condensation of root canals.

On the 18th of November 2002 our staff was awarded by Metropolitan Krutickiy and Kolomenskiy Juvenile, on the 19th of December 2009 by Blessed Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine – Vladimir.

These traditions are cultivated in clinics. Beginning with the first moment of coming to the clinic the patient is by a kind attitude of personnel, comfort in communication with any worker.


Depothresis of copper-calcium.

It is a common knowledge, that a big problem in curing tooth’s canals is inability to work up this canal at its full length, as a result of it inability to fill it with high quality. In most of cases it happens when teeth are retreated:

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Эстетическая ортопедия


Vinirs are ceramic cover plates on tooth which is commonly used in esthetic dental prosthetics and are used for elimination of the following tooth defects…

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Реставрация зубов

Esthetic restoration of teeth.

Snow-white teeth of an ideal form – are two unseparable notions, that characterize an irreproachable smile. Specialists involved in problems of modern cosmetic stomatology often have to deal with the fact, that it is impossible to make the patient’s smile perfect without using means of esthetic restoration of teeth.

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Nowadays practical stomatology offers the patients a lot of methods of dental prosthetics, the most perspective of which is implantology. This method enables to renew the tooth row with the help of implantation the special bar, which is set in hard jaw tissues.

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Treating periodontitis using instrument "Vector".

For the present moment it is a kind of a miracle of new, modern technologies in stomatology. Patients in most cases don’t treat the medium degree of periodontitis illness as a dangerous condition of dentoalveolar system.

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Руководство стоматологической клиники "Никадент"